Sometimes I get completely overwhelmed and consumed with a few things, and everything else falls to the wayside.  I’ve been stuck in Workland recently, working through some challenging fun projects and some not so fun challenging issues.  It’s taken up a large part of my life, and even when I’m done and away from the place, I’m still milling over decisions and replaying situations in my mind.  I’ve tried to fit in some fun while being wrapped up with work.

We had an art day.


I went off of this idea but wasn’t feeling the gold.  This wasn’t what I was going for either, but I will wear these puppies.  Sometime.


laces or no?

Bike on my mind.  They’re almost gone, but there are some scars on my right leg.  It’s finally healed, but I went for a ride on my birthday and got my front wheel stuck in a street car track as I was cruising through downtown.  My bike stayed on the track, but my body went left and forward.  The end result was a bunch of scrapes and a “did I dislocate my shoulder mildly?” feeling on my left side.  Battle wounds.  I’ve only been on the Trek a few times after that, due to time (hi, work) and weather (traditional rain for the Rose Festival).  I keep on thinking about road bikes, and taking some long trips this summer (to the coast?  around Crater Lake?  Portland Century?), so for fun, I’ve been testing out some gems.  This one has my name on it.  Literally.  My name is on it after I put it on hold yesterday.

Birthday, continued.  I got my happy hour birthday rain check last weekend.  We went to The Free House, where I ordered a Foot Wedge with Gin, Vermouth Blanc, and Aperol, among some other ingredients.  Local food, drinks made with care.  Bartender seems to love what he does, and tries all sorts of interesting combos.  He’s a real Linchpin.  We’ll be going back.  Then we went here for some weird ice cream.  We paid on an iPad.  The employees/management knew deployment.  It was a good experience except the ice cream?  Well, it’s not as good as I wanted it to be.  But I’m an ice cream snob.

This was a good birthday dessert though.


That’s homemade vanilla bean ice cream, people.  It was good.  And fun to make too!  I learned about vanilla beans.


Up ahead. Salads.  More ice cream.  Waiting for summer to stop raining and get here already.